CNN Is Corrupt AF | The Weekly Dumpster Fire

I would like to thank Project Veritas for producing what is essentially the gold standard of investigative journalism, working undercover to expose the ridiculous amount of corruption at work within major news outlets such as CNN.

Democrats Have a New Excuse To Accomplish Nothing | The Weekly Dumpster Fire

Thanks to Manchin, not only can they guarantee absolutely no meaningful legislation passes the Senate, but they can also blame him for their failure to abolish the filibuster, citing his “noble” belief that the other side deserves to “be heard,” and by “be heard,” he means “prevent anything positive from happening.”

The Police Got Away With Murder Again | The Weekly Dumpster Fire

If we were to tell you that we live in a society without a militarized police force that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people each year, many of whom were unarmed, we would be lying.