LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #111

The WMD narrative has returned, but this time, Russia is the one crying wolf.

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #110

Ten minutes into Biden’s State of the Union address, you may get the feeling you’re stuck in a Raytheon infomercial, but don’t worry—it gets even better! Meanwhile, corporate news outlets continue to fuel the American people’s desire for war.

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #109

Corporate news outlets are flooding social media platforms with pro-war propaganda. Are you letting them get through to you?

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #108

Canada chooses to retaliate against those who believe in radical things like bodily autonomy and the freedom to make one’s own medical decisions…will the U.S. follow suit? Meanwhile, the world waits to see if it be subjected to another war.

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #107

Joe Rogan did something wrong. You knew that because he already apologized for it, so why is it being brought up again? Also, truckers in Canada aren’t messing around…they aren’t leaving until vaccine mandates are lifted. Who do you think will win this standoff?

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #106

CNN is trash.

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #105

It seems like Biden may be considering war as a way out of his lackluster performance thus far. What do you think? Does this remind you of Bush/Gore? Is it just me?

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #104

While major news outlets ponder the idea of banning members of Congress from trading stock, most of us are asking ourselves how that isn’t already the law. In other news, a guy running for office in Louisiana smokes a blunt in his campaign ad, the White House decides to send out COVID tests 2 years into a pandemic, Republicans are slated to win big in 2022, and more.

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #103

Democrats are pretending to fight amongst themselves over the senate filibuster again, and it’s starting to get old.

LIVESTREAM: Weekly Update – #102

The Christians discuss DeSantis, Dems, Darius Sullivan, and more in this week’s overtly religious segment.