Photo Credit: Molly Riley/Reuters

It’s Time to Stop Letting Rich Old White Men Control Women’s Rights

“…whether or not to have an abortion should always be a woman’s choice to make, regardless of circumstances. It should never be in the hands of a rich, old, white politician who is completely out of touch with the concept of working for a living, struggling to get through each day, barely paying the bills, or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.”

Photo Credit: USA Today

Trump Handled Coronavirus Poorly, but Biden Would Have Been No Better

The U.S. is experiencing an economic catastrophe comparable to the Great Depression. It’s sad that, in the midst of it, we have to witness two Wall Street-financed politicians launching deceitful smear campaigns against one another as a strategy to win an election. Their behavior is a disgrace to the ideal of democracy and to our country.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Cook/Reuters

An Open Letter to Bernie and His Team

We progressives, young people–people who feel disenfranchised by both parties and by a crooked and biased mainstream media—only have one candidate to put faith in: Bernie.

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