LIVESTREAM: Elections Are for Sale—Corporate Dems Have the Money

With Nina Turner’s defeat fresh on our minds, maybe it’s time to revisit the past because we don’t seem to be learning from it.

LIVESTREAM: Say Goodbye to the Cuomo Brothers

Emmy award-winning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused several times of inappropriate behavior. Will he ever be held accountable?

LIVESTREAM: Identity Politics Must Be Laid to Rest Before the Mid-Terms

If we ever want to unite the working people of this country, we must put an end to the divisive rhetoric that has been adopted by the Democratic Party and corporate media outlets across the globe and stand up against our greatest enemy.

LIVESTREAM: March for Medicare for All #M4M4ALL

Thousands all over the United States, the only major country on the planet that does not guarantee healthcare to all of its citizens regardless of financial status, are demanding an end to for-profit healthcare. I support them.

LIVESTREAM: Labor Violations and Wage Theft in Denver

A legacy restaurant in Denver fires multiple employees in retaliation. One of those employees is here to talk about wage theft and multiple labor law violations that management at Blue Bonnet commits as though they have impunity.

CNN Is Corrupt AF | The Weekly Dumpster Fire

I would like to thank Project Veritas for producing what is essentially the gold standard of investigative journalism, working undercover to expose the ridiculous amount of corruption at work within major news outlets such as CNN.