U.S. Police Are Deadlier Than 30 Countries’ Officers Combined

These countries’ residents add up to 2,355,996,273 individuals. This is over seven times as many people as there are in the United States.

It’s Time to Stop Letting Rich Old White Men Control Women’s Rights

“…whether or not to have an abortion should always be a woman’s choice to make, regardless of circumstances. It should never be in the hands of a rich, old, white politician who is completely out of touch with the concept of working for a living, struggling to get through each day, barely paying the bills, or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.”

Republicans and Democrats Would Support a Third Party, Polls Show

Fight for what you believe in. Stand on the right side of history, or nothing will ever change.

1,040,883,133 Reasons Why Bernie’s Supporters Will Never Support Joe Biden (Seriously, We Counted)

We could give more reasons, but if this won’t convince you, nothing will. Just admit that you don’t care how terrible he is.

Sacrificing the Elderly to Save the Economy They Made “Great Again”

I think the rules should be more strict; I think the elderly are more important than the economy. Some people don’t.

That Moment When You Realize Socialism Isn’t Always Bad

Would outright socialism be a good form of government? Probably not. That’s why Bernie Sanders isn’t advocating for it.