Meet the Crew

Christian Mabry

Founder ○ Journalist ○ News Commentator ○ Host ○ Behind the Scenes ○ Director ○ Producer

James Duggan

Journalist ○ News Commentator ○ Host

James Duggan, simply known as Duggan, has always held a passion for social justice. Known for being fact-driven and argumentative, Duggan was raised in an incredibly conservative environment. Into his teen years, he began exploring leftist ideals and literature and soon found himself no longer associating with the conservative viewpoints that surrounded him during his youth. With a deep familiarity of what the other side of the argument looks like and the nuances surrounding it, Duggan makes it a point to see both sides of the fence and hear out even the most polar opposite of opinions while still maintaining a fair, and respectful criticism based in fact.

Christian Maiorino

Journalist ○ News Commentator

Christian Maiorino was raised in the south, where he witnessed the total disconnection between people’s lives and true needs and the politics and religion that oppressed them. The religious fanaticism, anti-worker Republicanism, and corrupt criminal court system led him to reject the status quo as it currently exists. Growing up in Memphis, Christian noticed that Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King, Jr. were constantly present, yet their beliefs in the uplifting of the common man and rejection of oppressive systems seemed to have been largely forgotten. This constant tension between the values we claim to have as a society and those that we actually have (namely, materialism and the accumulation of wealth and resources as the ultimate goal) is the main force that has shaped his view of the world and his engagement with politics and the struggle for a just society and economic liberation for all people. 

Bruce White

Journalist ○ News Commentator

Bruce relocated from central California to west Tennessee at an early age. He spent his teenage years active in church, and as he grew older, his unresolved doubts about religion led him down a dark path. Before long, he found himself heavily identifying with the views of far-right conspiracy theorists. After having a son and going through a divorce, Bruce’s ideological values were put to the test. Adding fuel to the fire, he lost his father to cancer, experiencing the horrendous side of the medical field he had chosen as a career. Ultimately, he found himself relating to political revolutionaries such as Hegel, Trotsky, and Nietzsche, abandoning the conservative values he once had. Although he may be pessimistic about our country’s future, he always maintains hope that we can one day achieve true equality. He also loves online gaming and playing the guitar.

Matthew Pointer

Behind the Scenes

Matthew Pointer is a left-leaning independent voter from Memphis, Tennessee. Born and raised in a conservative Christian environment, Matthew often found himself in disagreement with those around him, believing in the importance of individual liberties, social justice, and equality above all else. Matthew’s main emphasis in matters regarding legislation and/or political agendas is ending systemic racism. He also enjoys playing the guitar and fighting games.

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