Everyone has an opinion. I’m not sure that unbiased news is possible. Even if an individual chooses to refrain from stating their views, asking what they perceive to be fair questions, they have still chosen what to and what not to ask. There is just as much value in what is present as there is in what is absent.

Nevertheless, my goal is to provide the public with the news as objectively as I possibly can. At times, I will fail miserably to do so, but it will never stop me from trying.

We should all “ride the fence” before we have a solid understanding of something. There is nothing positive about jumping to conclusions or trying to avoid conflict, especially when doing so requires you to sacrifice your morality.

I believe most major news outlets are owned by the elite class—those who are wealthier than you and I could ever dream of being—and they have two priorities: money and power.

As long as we continue to buy into the narratives they feed us, we will remain at war with one another, forever failing to address the issues that perpetually plague our society.

It’s time to break away. Support independent news.

—Christian Mabry



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