CNN Is Corrupt AF | The Weekly Dumpster Fire

By Christian Mabry | 4/19/2021, 6:55 PM CST

I would like to thank Project Veritas for producing what is essentially the gold standard of investigative journalism, working undercover to expose the ridiculous amount of corruption at work within major news outlets such as CNN.

But wait, there’s more!

The Democratic Party is pushing to expand the Supreme Court from 9 to 13
Hate crime bill focusing on anti-Asian crimes avoids initial filibuster with a 92-6 vote
GOP proposes to end anti-trust exception for MLB in response to their actions regarding Georgia’s voting rights bill
Project Veritas exposes extreme corruption behind the scenes at CNN
Adam Toledo footage is released, adding context to the narrative
BLM co-founder is called out for having millions of dollars worth of real estate
Man killed eight people before committing suicide at FedEx location in Indianapolis, showcasing the ineffectiveness of “red flag” laws
San Antonio officer is shot in the hand during traffic stop, returns fire killing two
Texas House passes state-wide open carry proposal
U.S. sanctions Russia in response to SolarWinds breach
Navanly has starved himself for 20 days in an effort to get proper medical attention
Russia forces the removal of several U.S. officials in their country in an apparent retaliation

Watch the video above for an in-depth analysis of these topics.

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