AOC Goes Full Establishment | The Weekly Dumpster Fire

By Christian Mabry | 3/31/2021, 8:00 AM CST

If after all this time, you somehow needed another example of Joe Biden’s abject incompetence, it’s your lucky day! At his most recent press conference, the president brought notes…numbered…with pictures. This is how low the bar is in America.

Oh, and AOC completely sold out. Don’t believe me? Here are a few excerpts:

But wait, there’s more!

Manchin is still being used as the reason nothing can pass—Schumer hasn’t even asked him about ending the filibuster
Bernie Sanders disagrees with Trump’s Twitter ban
Media “still searching for a motive” in Boulder shooting after prematurely declaring motives for everything else
114 killed in a single day in Myanmar, bringing the total to over 400
Georgia GOP signs voting bill into law
The president of Mexico lays the responsibility of the border crisis on Biden
The U.S. and others sanctioned China for their treatment of Uyghurs—China is sanctioning back
North Korea is testing more weapons
Ninth woman steps forward with allegations against Andrew Cuomo

Watch the video above for an in-depth analysis of these topics.

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