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By Christian Mabry | 12/25/2020, 12:01 PM CST

After over 8 months of congressional limbo, the second COVID bill has finally passed, only to be stopped by Trump, who is asking that direct payments to the public be increased from $600 per person to $2000.

If you make six figures, you can go ahead and forget about it either way, since the cut-off for receiving a check is $99,000. Also, there is a reduction rate attached for those who make over $75,000.

On top of these direct payments, the bill also includes an added $300 a week in federal unemployment benefits. This is peanuts, especially since the previous add-on was twice that much, but it’s better than nothing.

Additionally, the bill extends the moratorium on evictions through the end of January 2021, funnels more cash into the Paycheck Protection Program (the same one that gave Joel Osteen’s mega-church over four million dollars), hands over a small amount for vaccines, and also covers a myriad of pointless garbage that is entirely unrelated to COVID-19.

Surprisingly enough, Trump is correct in his scathing review of the bill. It’s over 5,500 pages long, and not even a single member of Congress had the chance to read it before voting on it.

While we expect members of the GOP to vote against a lifeline for the public and cite “the deficit,” this bill transcends the usual disagreements within the duopoly. Even AOC has echoed the sentiments of Republican rival Ted Cruz and others.

The pandemic rages on

A large number of politicians have received the coronavirus vaccine. The list includes Mike Pence, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and others.

Cases continue to skyrocket nationwide, especially after the Thanksgiving holiday, prompting several states such as California and Tennessee to reverse course, enacting more restrictions.

The new strain

Some countries have placed travel restrictions on the UK, causing unrest about the possibility of food shortages in the area.

These actions are in response to the discovery of a new, and possibly far more contagious, strain of the coronavirus. On the bright side, public officials speculate that the vaccine will also work to prevent contracting these variants of the virus.

Trump still refuses to concede

Not that anyone cares, but Mitt Romney is still pointing out how ridiculous Trump is acting lately. This strange display of posturing on Romney’s part over the past few years leads one to believe that he may plan to run for president again in the near future.

Before Attorney General Bill Barr stepped down, he made a point to deny the appointment of special counsel to look into Hunter Biden as well as Trump’s endless claims of election fraud. He’s probably saving face, and it seems to be a trend among a large portion of the more “moderate” members of the GOP.

At this point, even Newsmax and Fox News have essentially backtracked on election fraud claims in response to Smartmatic’s threat of a lawsuit against the networks for echoing claims made against them without evidence.

If all of that isn’t absurd enough for you, watch Trump’s annoucement regarding the “rigged” election against him; he is definitely aiming to stage a coup.

What a time to be alive.

The 2020 census

The Trump administration has requested that undocumented immigrants be excluded from the census, which would likely decrease the number of representatives in the House, highly in favor of the Republican Party.

Although it has yet to rule on this provision, the Court struck down a suit against it, highlighting its newly minted conservative majority.

Biden announces more of his cabinet

President-elect Joe Biden has chosen more members of his cabinet, pleasantly surprising progressive activists across the globe while also giving those same activists the finger. The list includes:

Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior
Gina McCarthy, Domestic Climate Coordinator
Michael Regan, EPA Administrator
Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education
Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation
Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy

The Senate may flip

This election season isn’t over. Georgia’s runoff election may very well determine the future of America (or nothing will fundamentally change).

The vote is set for January 5th, featuring two races: Warnock (D) vs. Loeffler (R) and Ossoff (D) vs. Perdue (R). Both Republicans are incumbent Senators.

If both challengers pull off an upset victory, Vice President Harris will be the tie-breaking vote, giving the Democratic Party the majority in all of Congress.

Hackers had access for far longer than initially thought

Last week, reports surfaced alleging that Russia hacked into our government’s software and recorded the country’s most sensitive information for as much as a month, but it turns out that the situation is far worse.

Those who perpetrated the attack against us were able to gather information in multiple parts of local, state, and federal government. They used an update to server management software SolarWinds to gain access to top secret information, breaching security at the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury, and the Pentagon, just to name a few.

They also made their way into several other countries’ sensitive data, affecting the safety of the United Arab Emirates, UK, Canada, Mexico, and others. They maintained access for at least six months.

Watch the video above for an in-depth analysis of these topics.

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