Republicans and Democrats Would Support a Third Party, Polls Show

By Christian Mabry | 04/24/2020, 1:44 PM CST

Photo Credit: Trey Cox/Developer 51

After Bernie Sanders was robbed of the Democratic nomination (again), many of his supporters have declared that they plan to either write him in or vote third party. They say that doing so is what it will take to form a viable third party.

In response, corporate media has declared that their plights are foolish and unrealistic. We’re told that a third party would only take votes from the left, creating an invincible force out of the GOP.

While it may scare many into perpetually voting for “the lesser of two evils” until the end of time, the fact of the matter is that a third party would cost both sides of the aisle and could very well become more powerful than either of them currently are…and that’s a good thing.

With that in mind, here are some of the major issues we face today that we’re told neither party agrees on:

Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

While most are under the impression that abortion rights are a partisan issue, it’s just not true.

Source: Gallup

Based on annual polling data provided by Gallup, roughly 25% of Republicans are pro-choice. At the same time, nearly a third of Democrats are pro-life. The mainstream argument doesn’t typically take Independents into consideration, who are nearly split down the middle on the issue.

A third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

Gun Control and the Second Amendment

Contrary to popular belief, gun control is supported on both sides of the aisle (no thanks, by the way).

Source: Pew Research
Source: Pew Research

While the source chooses to zero in on the differences of these parties, based on their own research, over half of Republicans support a ban on “assault weapons,” background checks on private gun sales, and a federal gun registry. Both parties almost unanimously agree that barring those with mental illness is the right move. In addition, a third of Republicans agree that gun violence is a serious problem.

Gun control legislation isn’t as divisive as we are led to believe.

In case you forgot: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

Marijuana Legalization

The legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use has been, for decades, portrayed as something that only the Democratic party supports. That belief is a lie.

Source: Pew Research
Source: Pew Research

Fifty years ago, it may have been a different story, but today, most of the country agrees that it’s time for the prohibition to end. While more than 75% of Democrats support the legalization of marijuana, over half of Republicans agree with them.

Source: Pew Research

Upon closer examination, we see that the majority of voters who oppose marijuana legalization are at least 75 years old.

Friendly reminder: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

America’s Military-Industrial Complex

Americans are sick of war, no matter which party they subscribe to; not only that, but many agree, in both parties, that we need to stop increasing military spending.

Source: Gallup

According to polls, 34% of U.S. citizens believe that we spend too much on the military. In fact, while over half of Democrats say that our current military spending is “about right” as is, over a third of Republicans agree.

Think about this: after conflict in Iran last year, voters on both sides sought a solution through diplomacy rather than military action, according to polling data.

Source: The Hill

Pro-tip: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

Science vs. Climate Change Denial

While it’s true that climate change has been a threat all along, most of us have witnessed the staunch denial of its existence, mostly from the GOP. Many are led to believe that the average Republican voter has no concern for its inevitable impact on future generations, but that sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth.

Over half of Republicans are concerned about the devastating environmental impact we have on the planet, according to polling data. The same poll also shows that, when only taking younger Republicans (aged 18-34) into consideration, concern for the matter reaches nearly 70%.

FYI: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

Universal Healthcare vs. the Corporate Death-for-Profit Machine

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Medicare for all” or even the term universal healthcare? Bernie Sanders? Canada? Socialism? Well, if so, you’re forgetting about everyone else. In mainstream media, all we see is support from the left and opposition from the right, but that’s nowhere close to reality.

Source: REUTERS/Ipsos

The fact is, most people are tired of dealing with private insurance companies. “Most people” includes over half of Republicans.

The more you know: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

Student Debt vs. Tuition-Free College

We’re programmed to believe that public colleges, universities, and trade schools being tuition-free is a radical leftist idea and that student loan debt is just a part of life, but the numbers tell us something different.

Source: REUTERS/Ipsos

The truth is, over 40% of Republicans love the idea of a Wall Street speculation tax paying for their children to receive higher education, and if you believe that all Democrats unanimously support it, you’d be wrong–one in ten disagrees.

News flash: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

Immigration Reform

Thanks to the bigotry of some, all Republicans appear to have a hatred for the undocumented–at least, that’s what you may think if you’ve watched the news in the last decade. It’s a lie.

Source: Pew Reseach

Nearly three-quarters of Republicans believe that our economy would benefit from granting citizenship to undocumented workers; they also believe that they work hard and have earned the right to live here legally.

This topic also merits mentioning ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Source: REUTERS/Ipsos

Over 20% of Republicans support the abolition of ICE, and don’t be fooled by the media–over 40% of Democrats oppose the idea. It’s not partisan.

This just in: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

America’s Prison-Industrial Complex

America locks up more citizens than any other country in the world per capita, while for-profit prisons make billions of dollars in profits annually.

Source: Prison Policy Initiative

Reforming our broken system is something everyone can get on board with. How many Americans want to see fewer people behind bars? According to the ACLU, around 69% of U.S. citizens, including 71% of Independents, 54% of Republicans, and 81% of Democrats.

Breaking news: a third party would take a significant number of voters from both sides.

A True Third Way

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. We need to rise up as a nation and stand for what’s right. Both parties fail us, time and time again, always protecting corporate interests rather than those of their voters.

Why do we continue to allow it? Because we’re taught that we’re all so different and that there is no common ground. We need to break the cycle.

Fight for what you believe in. Stand on the right side of history, or nothing will ever change.

“Not me. Us.”

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