1,040,883,133 Reasons Why Bernie’s Supporters Will Never Support Joe Biden (Seriously, We Counted)

By Christian Mabry | 04/09/2020, 2:29 PM CST

Photo Credit: Naresh777/Shutterstock.com

Since Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign, tens of millions of Americans have stormed social media, demanding that those of us who support him get behind the presumptive nominee: Joe Biden.

They say that we’re the reason Trump will be re-elected, and that if we don’t “vote blue no matter who,” we are sore losers who only care about ourselves.

Is there any truth to that at all? No. There isn’t. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a platform that represents equality and justice all the way across the board. Biden’s record is quite the opposite.

Without further ado, we present to you 1,040,883,133 reasons why we will never support Joe Biden:

Joe Biden: War Criminal

Biden has repeatedly stated that he was “tricked” by George W. Bush into voting for–and encouraging fellow democrats to vote for–the war in Iraq and that he actually voted for war to prevent war; it’s safe to say that his reasoning makes no sense at all. What he failed to mention was that he advocated for the war, years before 9/11:

Since then, he has reversed his stance on it, claiming it was a mistake. He also supported the war in Afghanistan and later reversed his stance on it.

For some people, merely backtracking and claiming you made a mistake makes it forgivable, but is it? After all, take a look at how many people lost their lives because of his choices:

• Deaths of U.S. Military members: 6,951
• Deaths of U.S. contractors: 7,730
• Deaths of national police and military members: 100,332
• Deaths of allied troops: 1,464
• Deaths of civilians: 220,752+
• Deaths of foreign opposition: 76,906
• Deaths of journalists and members of the media: 299
• Deaths of humanitarian and other non-government organization workers: 471

These are from Iraq and Afghanistan alone as of November 2018, bringing the total to at least 314,753 (and counting).

Additionally, during the reign of Obama and Biden, at least 26,171 bombs were dropped in middle-eastern nations in the year 2016 alone. They also dropped at least 23,000 in 2015; that doesn’t include every other year they were in office.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 363,744

Joe Biden: Prison-Industrial Complex Enthusiast & Racist

Biden has a terrible record on virtually everything related to minorities, which some may find shocking since he was the running mate of the first African American president in U.S. history.

In the ’70s, he advocated for segregation, claiming the decision was based on “black pride.” He opposed busing as well, and has been called out on it many times over the years, even by Kamala Harris.

His choices disenfranchised at least 22,600,000 African Americans at the time, but he was not concerned. In 1977, he said that if desegregation isn’t done properly, his kids will end up having to grow up in “a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.” Incredible.

He took it further in the mid ’90s, writing the The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. This bill hurt millions of Americans, although it disproportionately affected African Americans. Here are some of the ways it did so:

It prevented lower-income inmates from receiving higher education.
It encouraged states to force inmates to serve 85% of their sentence before receiving parole, incentivizing this by giving those who do so grants to build more jails and prisons.
It made drug testing (including for marijuana) mandatory for parolees.
It added a “three-strike” provision for offenders.
It expanded the death penalty, adding sixty new offenses to the list (including some non-violent drug offenses).

If we are to only focus on the African American community at the time and also assume that the previous census information from the 1970s is to be subtracted from that of the 1990s, Biden damaged the lives of an additional 7,400,000 people of color by writing this bill.

On a side note, here’s some bonus footage of Biden telling an Indian man that you need an Indian accent to work at 7/11 or Dunkin’ Donuts:

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 30,363,744

Joe Biden: Ageist & Hater of Veterans

Biden consistently denies his nearly innumerable attempts to cut funding for Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ programs, but he’s lying. There’s no way to sugar coat it:

The clip shown above provides audio of Biden in 1995. In the year 1990, 31,200,000 senior citizens were counted in the U.S. census. Additionally, 27,500,000 veterans were also counted the same year. Working hard to cut these programs is inexcusable, whether or not you succeed.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 89,063,744

Joe Biden: Anti-Choice Activist

While the majority of democrats identify as pro-choice, Biden has a different history.

The Hyde Amendment, which prevents tax dollars from funding abortion, arguably prevents mainly poor women from receiving them. Although most democrats vocally denounce it, Biden retained his stance until recently. For pro-choice individuals, take this into consideration: according to census estimates in 2019, there are at least 119,223,159 women age 18 or older in the United States; roughly half are living paycheck to paycheck.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 148,675,323

Joe Biden: Xenophobe

Biden says he wants to make gaining citizenship easier, but should we take him at his word? After all, there’s a reason he fares so poorly with latino voters, and it may have something to do with his previous work with Obama.

From 2009 to 2016, Obama and Biden’s administration was responsible for overseeing the deportation of over 3,000,000 undocumented immigrants, averaging nearly 400,000 a year, and the ones who weren’t deported clearly had to live in fear, looking over their shoulder. In 2010, the United States was the home of roughly 11,200,000 undocumented men, women, and children. Let’s assume the three million is part of the larger number.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 159,875,323

Joe Biden: Homophobe

Although it’s true that same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015 under the Obama-Biden administration, they had little to do with it; the decision was made by the Supreme Court.

Biden touts this as his own personal accomplishment, but when we look at his past, we see that he was always openly against equal rights for the LGBT community.

Here he is in 2008:

He also makes some other strange comments about “gay bathhouses and round-the-clock sex” at an equality town hall after same-sex marriage was legalized, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for Joe.

In 2014, an estimated 3.7% of the U.S. population, or 11,843,361 people, were members of the LGBT community.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 171,718,684

Joe Biden: Godfather of Orwellian Surveillance of U.S. Citizens

We’ve all heard of The Patriot Act, but what does it do? It allows the government to read your text messages, listen to your phone calls, listen to you through your microphone, watch you through your camera lens, and tons of other awesome things. Whether or not they actively watch and listen is irrelevant; it’s a ridiculous invasion of our privacy either way.

What people are often unaware of is that Joe Biden wrote a bill in the mid-90s, The Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995, which was tailored to fit the “needs” of George W. Bush in 2001–it became The Patriot Act.

If you were wondering: yes, he voted for it then as well as every time it was up for a vote to renew it.

The bill still affects us today, and our current estimated population is 329,496,349 (and counting) at the time this article is being written.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 501,215,033

Joe Biden: Staunch Supporter of Student Loan Debt

In 2005, after two previous failed attempts (once in 2000 and again in 2001) to make life more difficult for the working class, Biden helped pass The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention And Consumer Protection Act of 2005. This bill not only made filing bankruptcy much more difficult, but it most notably removed student loans from erasable debt.

There is no real way to determine how many people were unable to file for bankruptcy because of his bill, but here’s what we can safely point out: over 44,000,000 Americans have student loan debt, and the total amount owed surpasses $1,500,000,000. Thanks Joe.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 545,215,033

Joe Biden: American Jobs Executioner

Biden voted for NAFTA among other pathetic trade agreements, and while some claim it helped the U.S. more than it hurt it, the majority are aware that it was a terrible decision. There are various estimates on not only the negative effects that it had on wages, but also the number of jobs lost nationally. According to research, the bill, which went into effect in 1994, cost Americans roughly 682,900 jobs by the year 2010. Again, that’s just one of many estimates, and some of those estimates are far higher.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 545,897,933

Joe Biden: Pedophile & Rapist

Biden has a long history of inappropriately touching women and children. If you want to read a little about the “lighter” accusations against him, check out this article. However, we don’t want to stop there; instead, we think you should watch these videos of him rubbing on young children, trying to kiss them, pinching their nipples, etc.

Seriously, watch. It is so far beyond “creepy but innocent uncle” status:

If that doesn’t get the point across, there’s something wrong with you. Either way, let’s take a look at the latest accusation against him: rape.

Tara Reade was a staffer in Biden’s Senate office, and she’s spent years trying to bring her experience to the light but has been blocked at every turn–until now. Here are some of her statements:

“I actually tried to tell the story to some extent in 1993, in the sense that I wanted to talk about it, but I was too afraid. My mother had encouraged me to file a police report, and I did not, and I should have. So I filed a sexual harassment claim, where just I filled out a paper and then did not hear back.”

“I was approached by my supervisor. She handed me a gym bag and said, “Hurry, Joe wants this, so get it to him. He’ll meet you down towards the Capitol.” And I went down the stairs, and I don’t remember exactly where I was, because there’s connections between the Russell Building and all of that and the corridors, but we were in a semi-private location. It wasn’t a room. It wasn’t, you know, the Russell Office Building — I mean, in his office. It was down in the corridors. And I handed him the gym bag.

And then he — it was one, as I described, fluid moment. He was talking to me, and he said some things that I don’t recall. And I was up against the wall. And he — I remember the coldness of the wall. And I remember his hands underneath my blouse and underneath my skirt, and his fingers penetrating me as he was trying to kiss me and I was pulling away. And he pulled back, and he said, “Come on, man. I heard you liked me.” But he was angry. It was like a tight voice. And he tended to smile when he was angry. And he isn’t like the Uncle Joe like everybody talks about now. He was younger. He was my dad’s age at that time and very strong. And he looked insulted and angry. And I remember feeling like I had done something wrong when he said that statement. And then I was standing there when he said — he was still near me. He said — pointed his finger and said, “You’re nothing to me. You’re nothing.” And he walked away.”

Rape. Plain and simple. You cannot be a feminist, someone who believes in the #metoo or #believewomen movement, and support a rapist.

On a side note, here’s some bonus footage of Joe Biden telling a crowd how much he loves children rubbing his hairy legs in swimming pools and how much he loves kids sitting in his lap:

It seems as if no female is safe from “Uncle Joe,” whether they’re young or old, and as of 2019, there are approximately 166,745,677 women in the U.S.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 712,643,610

Joe Biden: Sundowner

Not only does Biden have trouble speaking, but he also generally has no idea where he is. We’re aware that he has a stutter, and we aren’t knocking him for that. We’re knocking the DNC for propping up a man who cannot function on any level. Instead of talking about it, we ask that you simply witness the evidence for yourself:

Here’s Joe forgetting the speech is over:

Here’s Joe forgetting what he’s saying:

Here’s Joe thinking a text hotline is a website:

Here’s Joe forgetting the Declaration of Independence:

Here’s a supercut of Joe’s gaffes that includes the famous moment when he calls a woman a “lying dog-faced pony-soldier”:

Sure, this is only one reason why we shouldn’t vote for Joe Biden, but who is the real loser if we do? The entire country. All 328,239,523 of us.

Number of reasons Bernie’s supporters will never vote for Joe Biden so far: 1,040,883,133

Joe Biden: Poster Child of Unelectability

We could give more reasons, but if this won’t convince you, nothing will. Just admit that you don’t care how terrible he is. Say it out loud for us:

“I don’t mind voting for a…

War criminal
• Prison-industrial complex enthusiast
• Racist
• Ageist
Hater of veterans
• Anti-choice activist
• Xenophobe
Godfather of Orwellian surveillance of U.S. Citizens
• Staunch supporter of student loan debt
• American jobs executioner
• Pedophile
• Rapist
• Sundowner

…and I don’t care about the facts!”

See, it’s that easy. Just remember that there are at least


reasons why the rest of us won’t be voting for him, and this is just the shortlist; we could mention the environment, healthcare, and more–so don’t blame us when you lose in November. Maybe you should’ve thought about it earlier.

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