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By Christian Maiorino | 03/27/2020, 11:45 AM CST

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Where is Joe Biden?

The question arose shortly after the first one-on-one debate of the primary season. While political pundits on corporate-controlled commercial news networks like CNN and MSNBC had already declared the race over and won by dear Uncle Joe, the truth is that there had yet to even be one debate between the two last candidates standing before March 15, and all eyes were on Joe and Bernie. Joe delivered what all corporate-controlled media declared his “best debate yet!” which in layman’s terms meant he didn’t have many moments of incoherent racist babbling or forgetting his own place in space and time on live national television.

To most sober-minded people watching, it was pretty clear that Bernie delivered a bullet hole list of reasons why Joe is basically a bad Republican liar (voted for the Iraq War, against gay marriage, can be seen on “the YouTube” trying to cut Social Security and looking eerily reminiscent of a caricatured bad guy in an 80s film, etc.).

The corporate-takeover commercial news networks did as expected and propped Joe up as some sort of feminist savior, refused to fact check him, and immediately began to discuss how he won the debate in order to convince the millions of gullible viewers who hadn’t watched yet or only caught a glimpse of the television that their no-good very bad Republican was somehow the only Democrat who could win. It was all comically ridiculous and predictable, and at this point, many of us were used to seeing this bias.

Joe delivered a victory speech after winning the three states that decided to go ahead with their vote amidst the coronavirus crisis on Super Tuesday 3, and he seemingly forgot where or who he was at the end. In the footage seen here, he stares blankly into the camera, and his wife awkwardly steps to the podium to escort him off stage. As they are set to leave, he again stands at the podium and continues staring into the camera. You can hear his wife say “Joe!” and he snaps back to, remembering that he is on a live broadcast and is a person who gave a speech and now needs to exit the stage.

And then…nothing. Joe Biden disappeared off the map. He was gone, as some sort of mysterious yet uninteresting Hollywood star, leaving the public to wonder what he could be up to.

In the weeks that followed, Bernie Sanders did all but assume he was already president. He held fireside chats a la FDR, set up video conferences with leaders from regions all across the country on a near daily basis, sitting behind a desk and discussing the existential crises of our time in a way that illustrated what actual presidents look like when they focus on solving the issues of our country. He redirected his campaign fundraising efforts to charities helping those impacted by coronavirus, raising $2 million in two days. In recent days, he has been the key senator offering financial salvation to unemployed workers, who will now receive a major $600/week boost in unemployment, and he fought to include a provision to ensure that gig workers, so-called independent contractors, and tipped employees will be covered as well.

Joe Biden didn’t do any of these things. The man who has been praised as “the only one who can beat Trump!” disappeared from the public eye. To many activists and even “moderate” Democrats, his disappearance seemed similar to the actions of senators like Cory Gardner, who disappeared from public forums and refused to hold town halls as soon as he maintained a grip on power.

The memes and group posts started circulating and intensifying, moving from a point-out-the-obvious that Joe clearly felt he didn’t have to address the American public while Bernie was acting as interim President, to a more urgent question: really, where is Joe Biden?

Joe finally resurfaced a little over a week later to deliver a live-cast speech. What happened was telling. Joe clearly forgot everything he was going to say. He attempted to motion with his right hand to his handlers, indicating perhaps that his teleprompter wasn’t working, and eventually stumbled over his words and gave up on his point, mumbling “Well, let me go to the next thing, I’ve spoke enough of that.” It was a re-emergence that only confirmed what many felt: that Joe Biden couldn’t make it through one televised appearance without a serious gaffe.

This is where the criticism of Joe Biden as a candidate begins to take on more serious tones. Joe Biden’s entire presidential campaign (this one–there have been others) has been marked with serious flaws in logic and cognitive ability that have been dismissed by the corporate-controlled media as “gaffes” and “slip-ups,” but to a more honest observer, it would be seen as the only consistent aspect of him and his campaign: racist ramblings, inappropriate mentions and affections towards children, and sentences that work more like alphabet soup.

His campaign has attempted to portray him as a kind man who suffers from a long-standing stuttering problem–a person who has overcome an intense psychological childhood hardship to now become a presumptive presidential nominee–but a more careful look, or even any real analysis at all, reveals something much darker: Joe Biden is suffering from an intense form of dementia. Furthermore, it would appear that instead of this being a negative byproduct of who he is, it is seen as an asset by a group of people who want to use him as a puppet candidate to push through policies that would make people like Dick Cheney very happy. The truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that Joe Biden is our generation’s Manchurian Candidate.

For four years, the motto pushed by the Democratic Party has been “vote blue no matter who.” They have pumped the narrative that if you’re not a Republican or a nationalist, you’re a Democrat. They revamped their logo, and they went on a campaign to espouse that “we must unite behind the Democratic candidate no matter who it is!” It now seems very obvious that this is because they had a candidate in mind all along, and they know that many people won’t like what they see.

At first, it appeared comical. Joe Biden was clearly a relic of a by-gone era–a man who fumbled his words and had an inability to keep up. Those in his same age group outpaced and outperformed him on the debate stage. The younger candidates of color all had major problems with his policies and ideas. Kamala Harris reminded him of how outdated and racist his past positions were, Cory Booker was appalled that someone running in 2020 would be against marijuana legalization (“…makes me wonder if you were high when you said it!”), and Julian Castro pointed out that Joe had either forgotten what he said or was blatantly contradicting himself. Julian was later attacked in the media for supposedly pointing out his cognitive decline. This was a fore-telling of worse days to come, when the mainstream media would issue a blackout on any coverage of Joe’s obvious mental issues. “THOU SHALT NOT MENTION THE OBVIOUS FACTOR IN THE WORST CANDIDATE ON STAGE!” they declared.

Joe went on to fumble through every aspect of the campaign season. He stated that “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” in Iowa. He suggested that communities of color turn on their record players for their kids to combat inequality and racism during a debate. He went into a nonsensical tangent involving some black person from his youth named “Cornpop” and how his white savior interactions with this person at a community pool made him an ally to the black community. He told voters to go vote for someone else, called a woman a “lying dog-faced pony-soldier,” and seemed to answer every question at town halls and debates with statements like “what a duh you see the thing ugh” that left the audience with more questions than answers. His rants usually circled back around to one or two policy titles he could throw in to make it sound as if he meant to make sense, but left the audience feeling baffled, confused, and even a little sorry for him.

It seemed, for all accounts and purposes, that the days of old guard politicians being crowned to the throne were over. On-fire candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were showing that age didn’t have to look like Joe Biden, but could instead be an asset. Young alternate establishment picks like Pete surged to fill the moderate gap and assure Wall Street they still had someone in the game, and Mike Bloomberg even stepped in because he saw corporate America’s golden boy was not up to the task. It seemed that the establishment’s pick was hurtling downwards fast, and no amount of comparing himself to the young, charismatic, black Obama was going to save him.

That seems like so long ago now. Remember Kamala Harris, whose best debate moment came from reminding Joe Biden that he didn’t support busing to desegregate schools? She has now endorsed Joe Biden. She started the campaign trail being a co-signer on Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill. Cory Booker, also a “Medicare for All” co-signer and seeming-progressive, endorsed him as well. His girlfriend publicly announced her support of Bernie Sanders in the following days. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar both strategically dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden on Super Tuesday, clearly after backroom deals were decided and the establishment push consolidated.

Andrew Yang, in the most bizarre twist of all, endorsed Joe Biden. Yang’s campaign policies were decidedly progressive, and he showed a clear affinity for both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren throughout the campaign. Out of all the staged endorsements, his seemed the most unbelievable. He has since confirmed this, going onto Twitter and sending cryptic messages to followers that they “are not alone” in wishing he had endorsed Bernie instead, and using his twitter platform to continue to advocate for Bernie and his policies.

The media has refused to cover Joe’s lies or fact check his voting record. They have stuck to the same line that Bernie is a scary, Cuba-loving socialist, and have, with all their infinite resources, seemed unable to cover any of Joe’s clear problems as a general election candidate and as a person suffering very publicly from dementia.

The DNC vowed to hold 12 debates for the primary nomination, with the final one being in April. They have still not scheduled an April debate. When asked if he would participate in the final debate, Joe Biden said “I haven’t thought about any more debates. I think we’ve had enough debates. I think we should get on with this.”

This push by the Democratic establishment hasn’t even been hidden. They haven’t learned from the mistake of propping up a corporate-controlled candidate who supposedly had the black vote last time…or have they? Maybe the Democratic Party did learn from past mistakes. Perhaps the Democratic Party simply doesn’t want to win.

Behind the scenes, the Democratic establishment is scrambling to put together a short list for a potential Biden administration that includes the presidents of major predatory banks and Mike Bloomberg. They have positioned themselves as an alternate to Trump for Wall Street, assuring those worried that a candidate like Bernie that could disrupt the corporate takeover of our country won’t be an issue, but in poll after poll after poll after poll, Bernie Sanders beats Trump all across the country. In every swing state and in surprising rural and conservative states, Bernie wins. It’s statistics and polling. Why would the Democrats ignore this evidence? The massive rallies? The knowledge that only vibrant outside-establishment candidates win in this day and age? Because the Democratic Party would rather lose to Trump and protect their corporate interests and Wall Street than actually win and have to ask the tough questions about where power lies in this country. Sure, they’d prefer to convince Wall Street that Joe is just as safe as Trump and win, but they’re more okay with losing to an orange nationalist named Donald than they are with allowing the real question of who controls our country, its workers, and its resources to come to the surface.

Joe Biden is a Manchurian Candidate. He is a man whose cognitive abilities are in such decline that his administration would be run by the handlers and strategists around him. The Democrats have set up a puppet candidate that will serve to either lose the election and maintain corporate control, or win the election and maintain corporate control.

People, we live under a duopoly political system. Two parties that fight over surface level issues such as government spending, abortion, and human rights, but who both have the same priority of protecting the corporate takeover of our country and keeping power out of the hands of the people.

This is Hillary 2.0. And what do Hillary and Joe have in common? Aside from abysmal voting records (bad, bad Republicans, the lot), they have one major issue that unites them with a terrifying bond: WAR. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden love to start wars. Wars make powerful people money, and plenty of it. Just ask the Bush’s and Cheney’s. Hillary and Joe both voted for the Iraq War. While Joe lies through his veneers and claims he was duped into supporting the Iraq War, the truth is that Joe led the charge. He’s the “middle ground Democrat,” remember? He was very proud to state to his Republican colleagues that his support for invading Iraq was long-standing and not popular within his own party. He led the charge for war and helped sell Dick Cheney’s dark vision of America’s future to the public.

When Bernie Sanders began his presidential campaign, he said something very dangerous—the type of thing that has resulted in assassinations and overthrown governments throughout world history. He promised to take on the military-industrial complex. Many of us wondered how long it would be before said military-industrial complex fought back and used shady maneuvers to end this threat, and yet, here we are, dealt a puppet candidate meant to keep their power in check no matter what side of the aisle you vote for. Even now, as a global pandemic upends public life and raises questions about how society will go forward, Boeing is set to receive billions and billions of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars, while Republicans and Democrats alike stall on providing basic aid to the American people. Why does this company require so much of our money? Boeing is one of the most profitable companies in the world. Do they not have a savings account?

In a political system where business firms provide advice to countries on how to profit off of war, in a country where the Vice President left the board of Halliburton to immediately start a war and award massive contracts to his ex-company, where even our most liberal presidents hide massive government surveillance, illegal war crimes, and extrajudicial murders from the American public, the military-industrial complex will have its say.

Joe Biden will most probably pass from this earth without ever achieving his lifelong goal of becoming president, but for the “vote blue no matter who” crowd who thinks his neo-liberal hell policies will somehow be better than his egomaniac opponent who won by running on his supposed opposition to the Iraq War and has made the cruel decision to withdraw troops when our allies needed us most, would a pro-war Manchurian Candidate really be much better?

It is worth asking: when Joe Biden finally does unclench his decades-long grip on power at all costs, what has he and the Democratic Party sold of OUR country?

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