What Makes Bernie Sanders So Special?

By Christian Mabry | 03/18/2020, 7:44 PM CST

Photo Credit: Michael F. Hiatt/Shutterstock.com

After some unfortunate losses in the primaries of Arizona, Illinois, and Florida, the question arises: What makes Bernie Sanders so special?

Before we answer that question, we need to understand how we got here. We really have to step back and look at the situation for what it is.

Over the past few weeks, the media has had a field day with Biden and Bernie, never failing to show their unflinching support for the obviously-installed establishment candidate, but it hasn’t stopped there.

News aggregators such as Google News have blatantly cherry-picked corporate favorites from the boundlessness that is the internet, showcasing almost exclusively the most grotesque and uninformed opinions of Bernie.

In fact, according to a source for Politico, Joe Biden received over $100 million in free advertising prior to Super Tuesday. Since then, it’s safe to say the number has increased significantly. Sure, that may not be election fraud, but it certainly isn’t my definition of a fair fight.

Speaking of election fraud, take a look at these exit polls from South Carolina, Massachusetts, Texas, and California:

California 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primary Exit Poll
Massachusetts 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primary Exit Poll
South Carolina 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primary Exit Poll
Texas 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primary Exit Poll

See anything wrong? How about the fact that these exit polls, when compared to the actual votes, are far beyond the margin of error. One main reason we have exit polling is to detect election fraud. Is it a perfect system? No, but I believe this raises some red flags.

And what about the missing thumb drives? Oh, you didn’t hear about it? Forty-four thumb drives worth of votes were “discovered” after being left out of the final votes in a very large county in Texas. Look, I’m not saying this is all rigged, but the situation gives any rational individual pause.

Yes, we know that Joe Biden is currently about 300 delegates beyond Sanders, but where was Sanders at this point in 2016? Well, he lost the same three states last time too, so this isn’t much of a shocker, though corporate media would love it if you thought so.

That’s just a snapshot of how we arrived here, and I’m not even scratching the surface.

So, what makes Bernie Sanders so special?

Bernie Sanders is an escape from the status quo. Not only does he have more individual donations from more people than any presidential candidate in history at this point, but he champions ideas that almost no one else in Washington has or will.

Sure, his odds of winning may now be bleak, but, if we’re honest, the deck was always stacked against him. It never stopped him from going against the grain, challenging the powers that be, and demanding revolutionary change.

Many speculate that he may be planning to drop out of the race for the democratic nomination, particularly after his campaign pulled his ads from social media.

For those of you who support Bernie Sanders and his message, don’t give up on his platform even if he does choose to drop out.

Aside from Biden’s bizarre and unsettling personality, complete with accusations of inappropriately touching women and young children, he has a life-long history of casting votes contradicting virtually every position Bernie takes on all major issues.

Voting “blue no matter who” is just folding to the DNC and allowing them to call the shots for yet another election cycle and giving them the green light to sabotage any future opportunity we have at a better world.

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