An Open Letter to Bernie and His Team


Hello Bernie and team:

As a member of this movement, I am urging you to not drop out anytime soon. We progressives, young people, people who feel disenfranchised by both parties and by a crooked and biased mainstream media; we only have one candidate to put faith in: Bernie.

Yes, I understand this movement is supposed to change America and outlast any one person. On that note, you have accomplished your mission of galvanizing us and beginning a political revolution, but it’s not enough to drop out now and cede to the Democratic Party. They are clearly corrupt and are not playing fair. Many of us wonder if votes are being manipulated.

I understand that in order to have a chance of winning, Bernie has played along with the “Democratic” game a little bit during this campaign. He has agreed to endorse whoever the Democratic nominee is and has stated that defeating Donald Trump is most important. While I understand that we must prevent Donald from stacking the courts, I and most other members of Bernie’s movement feel NO loyalty to the Democratic Party. We’ve already been through this four years ago and throughout history. They kick us in the face and mock our dreams for a better future by blatantly propping up a candidate who appears to be a Manchurian Candidate, with rapidly degrading cognitive abilities, who exists to be used as a vessel for corporate interests.

None of us buy it, and the vast majority of us will never vote for Joe Biden not only because he would be a terrible president and lacks morality or backbone, but also because the way he’s been coronated so far has been clearly unfair, including a direct corporate media takeover, cancelled elections, ridiculous voting sites, and backroom deals and bargains.

We will not support someone who is so undeserving of support. So, while it may seem best in the world of supposed “political strategy” to not carry forward, it is best for America and for our movement to continue. It is best to not turn your back on the half of the country who hasn’t voted yet, to not give up on a contested convention where the people will show up en masse to make their voices heard, to not deny us the chance to stack this party with delegates to drive our platform.

We don’t have loyalty to the Democratic Party. Their option is to cede to our will and understand that or to never win an election again.

Our movement is young, meaning it will continue to grow and become a bigger and permanent part of American politics going forward. This is about our last stand within the Democratic Party. After this, they will have a massive exodus, unless they allow the rise of leaders such as Bernie. We all know that won’t happen.

So, don’t allow the campaign to view this as “winning or losing.” See it from our perspective. You can’t stop because we can’t stop. By not stopping, and by continuing to amass delegates and force a contested convention, you raise all the questions about the two party duopoly, how large our movement actually is, and what our demands are.

The only way we take on the two party duopoly of protecting corporate interests at all costs (even purposefully losing elections by installing a Manchurian Candidate who can’t speak) is by not playing by their rules.

You’ve come this far. We all have faith in you. Even the primary map is laid out to allow Republican electoral college states and conservative and corporatist interests to vote first, giving an unfair advantage to the moderate. What about the states yet to come? What about the states that have postponed elections? What about this current bizarre health crisis and how this isn’t a normal election year at all? This is important.

You can’t drop out. We have to drive the narrative. We have to show them what they stand to lose by kicking us in the face and shitting on our dreams again. This won’t stop after 2020. We can’t stop now either.

I love you Bernie. Thank you for showing my generation the possibilities of what can happen. You’re like family to all of us, and we trust you.

-Christian Maiorino and millions of others who dared to believe in a better world

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Published by Christian Maiorino

Member of The Revolution

12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Bernie and His Team

  1. Thank you Christian for your encouraging words. I’m in it all the way to the Whitehouse. We are all behind you Bernie! We share your vision. We believe. God bless you.


  2. Thank you ALL for supporting Bernie’s run in this crazy, crazy race, (totally unfair!). Only Bernie can LEAD this revolution in consciousness, because the others simply don’t GET IT! Please, whatever happens, continue getting out the word, ROCK the VoTe, never give up! No matter what they say,… adopting Bernie’s talking points,… as IF…!! Let’s just face the facts! They really just don’t get it, at all; they think we can be so easily duped, cajoled into voting for someone else, well, they’re wrong, and nobody else is going to be able to take Bernie’s place, especially NOT BIDEN!!!


  3. Bernie… challenge the norm….and anything that challenges anything for change means people have to look at what is and what is to come. Meaning moving from one statis to another…the norm fears this. BERNIE YOU ARE THE VOICE OF THE ONLY REAL “WE THE PEOPLE” Keep it up Bud…. we’re right here with you


  4. The dnc hasn’t played by the rules. That nullifies any “contract” or verbal agreement you may have entered into. This is the election to change a growing epidemic of what money in politics has created. If they cheat you (US) will you join us? I’m a divorced 73 year old woman caring for my 95 year old mom and have 6 perfect grandchildren. I’ve been doing what I can to promote you but I work at WM part time and I’ve been tired. Last few days I’ve rested up, checked out this situation and I’m ready to do this!! Bernie Sanders🐦2020


  5. Bernie you’re the only elected in D.C. with the guts to stand up for what you believe in no matter who you aggravate. We desperately need you and your tenacity to get us where we need to be to move forward for the future of our country, our kids and their kids for generations to come. You have the thanks of countless people for everything you have done for us and hopefully what you will do in the future. #NotMeUs
    Judy Jewell


  6. If it is so important to you that someone beat Trump in 2020 then there is only one conclusion you can reach, only one candidate left who can do that: you! Certainly not Biden; he will utterly fail in the end. You must come to grips with this call to service and accept all that it entails. More people would vote for you than for Biden, and if any of your staffers tell you different they should be fired and replaced with someone who can see that this is an unprecedented situation requiring bold action. Your own long-stated positions are all you need to run on; let people know what you’ve been saying all along and they’ll learn that you’re genuine (I am hoping that you are in fact genuine). Even the media, or at least enough parts of it, will come around as tens of thousands die, then hundreds of thousands, and you all along are standing right there showing that your way of government and care were needed all along. Stay true to the core beliefs and issues you’ve been broadcasting all along. If you weaken and just endorse Biden because he’s the Dem candidate you will not only assure that Trump is re-elected, you will have fully and finally let down your hundreds of thousand of followers, and you will take the rug out from under all the young people who have or would get into politics because they will see no point in that form of resistance. You will be a disappointment to a cause we need now more than ever, and we will likely not survive that let down. The movement that has built will fracture and fall away, or people may even feel the need to shift into violence. How can you let that happen? Stay in.


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